An Earthy Spanish Tempranillo

2009 Manon Tempranillo

2009 Manon Temparillo

We ordered a bottle of the Manon Tempranillo at a Tapas Restaurant we visited this past weekend and it was a surprisingly  good wine for a very reasonable price. It was the perfect accompaniment to our meaty tapas and cheese plate as well as our beef entrees.

This particular wine is produced at Bodegas Mano a Mano in Spain and is made from the dark-skinned red Tempranillo grape the region is known for. In fact, many of the Rioja, red table wines and Port from both Spain and Portugal incorporate these grapes in their blends. It has a deep rich purple color with aromas of dark berries and a hint of licorice. It is a lush, earthy wine, on the order of a syrah, with flavors of blackberries, cherries, cola and a hint of peppery spice. A perfect pairing with Spanish foods, as the general rule is that food from a region complements wine from the same region.

Food Pairing: Spanish food, spicy meats, roast lamb and grilled items such as hamburgers and steak. Due to the high tannin level of this wine, which helps cut through fatty foods, you can even indulge in your favorite creamy soup or buttery risotto.

Price Range: $7.99-$10

4 out of 5


 Rating: 4/5 corks

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