Trader Joe’s Epicuro Red Wine

2012 Epicuro Beneventano Aglianico

2012 Epicuro Beneventano AglianicoWe had some friends over last weekend for dinner and they brought a bottle of Trader Joe’s Epicuro Beneventano Aglianico Red Wine with them. Our friend, who is originally from Italy, told us this wine reminded him of those that he could purchase in Italy. He also said it did not contain all the pesticides and chemicals found in the U.S. wines. I’m not certain if that is true or not but, what I do know is, this is one really good wine for an unbelievable price! You won’t believe it but this wine, which is a Trader Joe exclusive, is only $5.99.

When I went to pick up a few bottles for myself the shelf was almost empty and I grabbed the remaining 2 bottles to bring home. This wine, from the Beneventano region of Italy, is a medium-bodied, slightly dry wine with soft tannins, and very fruit forward. It is heavy with cherry flavors mixed with dark berries and a touch of tobacco. It’s finish is very smooth with notes of toasty oak, vanilla and a bit of spice.

Food Pairing: Overall, this is an easy drinking wine that can easily be paired with most red meats, especially those that are grilled, more casual fare such as stews and pizza, ham, hard cheeses or just relax and sip it by itself.

Price Range: $5.99

4 out of 5 Rating: 4/5 corks

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