2008 Santa Ema Reserve Merlot

2008 Santa Ema Reserve Merlot 

2008 Santa Ema Reserve Merlot

Special occasion and on a budget? Choose this delicious reserve merlot from Chile’s Maipo Valley, the most significant wine-producing region of the country. Due to its warmer and drier climate, it is ideally suited to produce wonderful red grape varieties such as the cabernet sauvignon, merlot and carménère.

This wine has a deep rich purple color and tastes of plums and black cherries with just a hint of smoke. There are also subtle notes of caramel, licorice, cocoa and vanilla from the oak barrels.  It is a medium to full-bodied wine and has a taste that is both smooth and mellow .

Open and allow to breathe for at least half an hour prior to drinking. You will find it is a great wine for an excellent price.

Food Pairing: With summer arriving just around the corner and grilling season heating up, this merlot fits right in. Pair with robust and rustic flavored meals such burgers and grilled chops as well as roasted vegetables and potatoes. It also suits pasta dishes and  mild to medium flavored cheeses. It is a full-bodied merlot so you can basically pair with any dishes you would normally drink with a cabernet such as steak, roast beef or lamb.

Price: $9.99

4 out of 5


Rating: 4/5 corks

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