2011 Jam Jar Moscato

2011 Jam Jar Moscato

2011 Jam Jar MoscatoThis Moscato, with an appropriate name, is sweet and tangy with floral and earthy aromas and flavors of ripe peach, apricot, orange blossom, mango and just a hint of almond. A very fresh tasting white wine, with good balance, and just the slightest edge of acidity to cut some of its sweetness.  This wine would make a great finisher for any meal.

Food Pairing: Moscato is the Italian word for Muscat, a grape with a floral aroma and flavors that can be sweet, dry or sparkling. Considered a dessert wine, due to its low alcohol and sweet taste, it pairs well with chocolate mousse, key lime pie and trifles as well as fresh fruit and nuts. It is also refreshing as an aperitif. The dryer muscats can generally be paired with fresh water fish, shellfish, poultry and cheese. Chill prior to serving.

Price: $6.99

3 out of 5


Rating: 3/5 corks


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