Did your favorite liquor make the cut?

Gluten Free CocktailsGoing gluten-free definitely has it’s challenges – especially when it comes to nights out on the town.  But have no fear – your gluten-free liquor list is finally here!


Gluten Free Liquor List


Other Liquors:

  • Tequila – Jose Cuervo – Being straight distilled spirits, all Jose Cuervo Tequilas are gluten free. In addition, Jose Cuervo Authentic Cuervo Margaritas, Margarita Minis, and Golden Margaritas are also gluten-free.” – Jose
  • Tequila – Skinnygirl Margaritas – “The ingredients in Skinnygirl Margarita are not produced from cereals containing gluten and do not contain gluten.” – SM
  • Rum – Most rum is gluten-free but be cautious of rums with ‘fancy natural flavors’.

Gluten-Free Cocktails:

French Kiss Mix champagne, vodka, and raspberry puree together and serve in a sugar rimmed glass!

GF Maui Sunrise – GF Vodka, OJ, Sprite, Grenadine, and a splash of cream.

Mimosa Twist – 2/3 champagne mixed with 1/3 passion fruit juice.



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