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Grilling Recipes

Who doesn’t love the smoky flavor of grilled food? Whether it’s meat, fish, vegetables, fruit or even dessert, it’s always better on the grill. And I’ve got tons of delicious, quick and easy grilled recipes for busy weekdays and lazy weekends.

There are very few things I wouldn’t put on the grill. It not only keeps the house cooler in the summer but involves less cleanup too! I’ve got you covered with everything from Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Crostini for a starter to Grilled Salmon with Red Pepper Sauce, Chicken Burgers Tex-Mex style to How to Cook A London Broil for dinner to Grilled Cinnamon Sugar Pound Cake for dessert. Believe me, there is nothing more delicious or more satisfying than an easy dinner or dessert cooked on the grill.