Smooth & Rich Markham Merlot

2008 Markham MerlotThis 2008 Markham Merlot has been a favorite of my husband and I for a number of years.  We usually purchase a bottle at our favorite restaurant and enjoy with both our appetizer and our beef entrees.  It has a wonderful bouquet of aromas, hinting at vanilla and blackberry and the taste is smooth and rich with no bitterness. It reminds me of a combination of dark chocolate, caramel and cream soda.

This Markham Merlot is an  easy drinking wine and pairs well with steak, prime rib, Grilled Lamb Chops, pork chops, Chicken Parmesan, White Lasagna or certain red sauce pastas and stronger cheeses such as Swiss, Romano, Gruyere or Camembert.

Price Range: $14.99-$19.99

4.5 out of 5


Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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