Beef and Mushroom Stew


This easy beef and mushroom stew turns an ordinary stew into something extraordinary. It's a hearty, comforting dinner easily made in one pot. It's filled with mushrooms, tender beef, and bacon all nestled in a savory broth flavored with wine and cognac.

Stew Beef/Bacon Red Wine/Cognac Mushrooms Onions/Carrots Garlic/Thyme Salt & Pepper


Steps 1 & 2 Place bacon in Dutch Oven and cook til crisp.


Steps 3 & 4 Add stew beef to Dutch Oven and brown well.

Steps 5 & 6 Place onions, carrots & garlic in Dutch Oven. Saute until onions are soft.

Step 7 Add bacon and cooked beef back to Dutch Oven with vegetables.

Step 8 Add cognac, red wine, beef broth, tomato paste, & thyme to pot. Cover and bake 1-1/4 hours at 250°F.

Step 9 Remove beef stew from oven and add cornstarch and water to thicken.

Step 10 Add in sauteed mushrooms and pearl onions. Let simmer for 15 minutes.

Serve hot over toasted sourdough, noodles, or mashed potatoes.

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