Red Velvet Brownies


These rich, moist red velvet brownies, topped with cream cheese frosting are an indulgent, oh-so-pretty dessert. They're easy to make, start with a cake mix, and perfect for Valentine's Day or any day.

INGREDIENTS Red Velvet Cake Mix Vegetable Oil Eggs Vanilla Extract White Chocolate Chips

Step 1 Place cake mix, oil, eggs, and extract into a mixing bowl.


Step 2 Stir batter then fold in white chocolate chips.

Step 3 Dollop batter into square baking pan and smooth top.

Step 4 Bake brownies at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Cool in pan.

Step 5 Frost with cream cheese frosting.

Step 6 Sprinkle with Valentine's Day or other appropriate seasonal sprinkles.

Step 7 Chill for easier cutting. Cut into squares and serve.

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