Espresso Martini


With the zing of espresso and velvety richness of coffee liqueur, this espresso martini is a strong, sweet, and delicious drink. Whip it up for a party or serve it as an after-dinner drink for the perfect ending to an evening.

Vodka Kahlua Espresso Simple Syrup Egg White (if not using fresh espresso)


Step 1 Pour Kahlua and vodka into cocktail shaker.

Step 2 Add simple syrup.

Step 3 Pour espresso into cocktail shaker.

Step 4 Place top on the shaker and shake for 30 seconds.

Step 5 Add ice to cocktail shaker.

Step 6 Finish with a final shake to chill and create more foam.

Step 7 Strain and pour into martini glass.

Step 8 Garnish with 3 coffee beans and serve immediately.

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