Halloween Chocolate Bundt Cake


Bursting with bright Halloween colors, this moist, rich chocolate bundt cake is filled with colorful swirls of cream cheese and topped with a white chocolate glaze and Halloween sprinkles.

Salt Eggs Butter Sour Cream Baking Soda Chocolate Bar Cocoa Powder Vanilla Extract Espresso Powder All Purpose Flour Light Brown Sugar


Chocolate Cake

Step 1-2 Melt chocolate then whisk in sour cream & vanilla extract.

Step 3-4 Cream brown sugar & butter then add egg. Add half of dry ingredients.

Step 5 Add half of chocolate mixture to creamed mixture alternately with remaining flour.

Eggs Sugar Cream Cheese Vanilla Extract All-Purpose Flour


Cheesecake Swirl

Step 1-2 Cream butter  & sugar. Add eggs,extract & flour.

Step 3 Divide into 4 bowls and color for season.

Step 1 Pour half of cake batter into bundt pan. Dollop colored cream cheese filling on top then swirl.

To assemble

Step 2 Bake & cool. Pour melted white chocolate over cake then sprinkle away.

Cut the cake for a colorful surprise inside!

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