How to Cook A Turkey in a Bag


When you learn how to cook a turkey in a bag, you'll unlock the secret to the easiest, moistest, most delicious Thanksgiving Turkey ever!  There's no basting, less cook time, and cleanup is a cinch.

Turkey Onion Celery Orange Herb Butter Salt & Pepper Turkey Oven Bag


Step 1 Remove giblets and neck from the turkey cavity.

Step 2 Stuff the turkey cavity with your favorite stuffing.

Step 3 Season the turkey generously with salt and pepper.

Step 4 Work the skin away from the breast and cover it with herb butter.

Step 5 Spread the remainder of the herb butter over the entire turkey.

Step 6 Ready bag by dusting with flour and placing vegetables & fruit in bottom.

Step 7 Place turkey in bag, seal, & cut 6 slits in top.

Step 8 Cook at 350 degrees for time stated on cooking bag package.

Step 9 Slice and serve the moistest, most delicious turkey meat ever!

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