Christmas Margarita


Add a little holiday cheer with this Christmas Margarita! It has all the flavors of your standard margarita with the addition of white cranberry juice and coconut. Make it for 2 or by the pitcher.

Tequila Cointreau Lime Juice Coconut Rum & Cream White Cranberry Juice


Step 1 Pour tequila into cocktail shaker.

Step 2 Add white cranberry juice to tequila.

Step 3 Pour lime juice and agave into shaker.

Step 4 Add Cointreau.

Step 5 Pour coconut rum into margarita mix.

Step 6 Finish with the addition of coconut cream. Shake well.

Step 7 Garnish rims of glasses with coconut flakes and salt. Fill with ice.

Step 8 Fill glasses with your Christmas Margarita for a tropical twist on the season.

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